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Nobody Wants To Talk

“Nobody wants to talk.” — Comment Section

Some Big News

A Billionaire Lesson

Billionaires getting divorced. First it was MacKenzie Bezos. Now it’s Melinda Gates. But these billionaire wives were never after the money. They are highly educated and intelligent and principled. It was the men who had done something off-the-boundaries first that triggered the straining of the relationship. Melinda Gates had concerns about her husband’s relationship with […]

Something To Learn From

“Don’t marry your first boyfriend.”

FIRST BOYFRIEND “Don’t marry your first boyfriend,” a married classmate once told me. “Don’t follow my example. I tell you, you’ll be miserable.” I was 21 at the time, she was 27. I’ve always been idealistic about relationships and marriage. I really thought that way, that I’d marry the first man I’d give my Yes […]